Elizabeth Brewster Hall

Elizabeth Hall a Consultant with Grahall Partners, LLC.  She is a consultant on economic analysis and various impact analytical techniques with respect to the impact modeling of alternatives and final recommendations on executive and employee reward programs. She specializes in modeling all aspects of reward strategy, executive compensation, including stock-based compensation, short-term and long-term cash incentive/retention compensation, executive employment arrangements, benefits and development rewards.  She also manages the research studies in the research consulting industry and other survey applications.

She is also the Creative Director for the eMagaizine “People Strategy Exchange”.


She has over 6 years of experience in the compensation and benefits field. She works with consulting teams and Clientss in all industries. Prior to joining the firm, she worked as a Consultant at Watson Wyatt and has worked on engagement teams in all industries and all size organizations. 


She received a Bachelor degree in economics from St. Lawrence where she spent her junior year in France and is fluent in French.