Charles Patton

Charles Patton is a Consultant with Grahall Partners, LLC. He consults with boards of directors, their compensation committees, and members of company management. He specializes in all aspects of reward strategy, executive compensation, including equity-based compensation, short-term and long-term cash incentive/retention compensation, executive employment arrangements, benefits and development rewards.

He has over 35 years of career experience in the compensation and benefits field in corporate leadership roles with industry experience in manufacturing, banking, retail and transportation sectors.  These past employers include General Motors, Bausch & Lomb, GenCorp, PolyOne, Office Depot, and Ryder System, Inc.

He has had full responsibility for the compensation and benefit function in the Vice President role  for large employee populations (> 20,000), correspondingly large annual payroll budgets (> $1 billion), annual benefit budgets (> $100 million) and pension investments (>$1 billion).  Many of these organizational responsibilities included oversight responsibilities for international compensation activities including regulatory compliance.

He has established non-exempt, professional, and executive job evaluation and pay systems at these organizations that facilitated effective and efficient recruitment of necessary workers as well as performance evaluation systems that reward employees, executive management and boards of directors for successful contributions to the goals and objectives of the organization they represent.

While a Consultant with Wyatt (Currently Willis Towers Watson) he advised organizations in all major industries for a period of 7 years. He is an expert in position analysis for employee and executive positions and has performed job analysis for hundreds of executive positions using one of the most effective and accurate psycho-metrically oriented, statistically validated and computerized position analysis approaches.

For the last 8 years he has been a consultant at Grahall, LLC where he has advised clients on market pricing for commercial organizations and been a key advisory consultant on expert witness assignments on reasonable compensation, lost wages,  wage discrimination, compensation characterization, and pay equity. 

He earned an undergraduate B.A. degree in Multidisciplinary Social Science with a B.S. graduate degree focus on Human Resources from Michigan State University and was an adjunct professor at San Diego State University.